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Unforgettable celebration for 150th anniversary of Saurer Intelligent Technology AG

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Saurer: 150th Anniversary Dinner



We delivered a top-notch Barcelona dinner for Saurer Intelligent Technology AG to celebrate their 150th anniversary with guests and customers.


Saurer appointed us as their local partner to assist them with the organisation of this particular company anniversary. Leading the way with innovative technologies in the textile sector, Saurer Intelligent Technology AG is considered as the first choice provider for smart solutions and services for the processing of fibre and yarn. While attending the ITMA 2019 fair in Barcelona, we were the selected DMC event management company to make this anniversary a memorable one.

Our international team of Project Managers took time to really understand Saurer's objectives as well as the outcomes to achieve. We delivered ground-breaking hospitality and high-level care, concluding in the creation of an exclusive social environment and leading to great networking opportunities. We created a truly immersive experience in Barcelona: dynamic buffets with innovative gastronomy and soulful entertainment to delight our C-level audience.


If you are planning on hosting an event in Barcelona and offer an amazing service to your guests, you need to reach out to Iventions.

Head of Marketing & Communication at Saurer


Dynamic buffets for local gastronomic experience
Decorative touches

Impactful Barcelona experience for 130+ invitees


  • 130+ C-level invitees
  • 445 sqm of interior set-up
  • 510 sqm of outdoor set-up
  • 3 hours of set-up


  • Project management and planning
  • Conceptualisation & venue dressing
  • International staffing & hostesses
  • Audiovisual production
  • Bespoke entertainment
  • Cocktail reception
  • Top-notch gastronomy
  • Dynamic buffets

A careful selection of ideal venue for this one-of-a-kind experience

Barcelona venue at night with lights in Montjuic area

Work process

Iventions dedicated their time to manage all local needs, helping to produce the finest details of this event. Our services included conceptualisation, bespoke entertainment, venue management and dressing, audiovisual production, welcoming service, guest management and the programming of the event. We provided international staff speaking many languages, and made sure everything was flawlessly executed.

Our continuous care and excellent hospitality turned this event into an unbelievable and satisfying experience for the guests, similar to our previous projects executed in Barcelona for NYU Law and Digital Insurance Agenda. We are sure that the attendees of the 150th anniversary of Saurer Intelligent Technology AG won’t forget the beautiful setting of Montjuïc for their anniversary dinner.

Our team deeply considered the client's needs and requirements in order to create this impactful anniversary celebration.

Theresa Baum, Account Director
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Personalised menu for a cocktail event



Dinner dressing at a Barcelona venue in Montjuic area