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An amazing custom-made show for the most experiential and immersive party ever held in Barcelona

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VEEAM Experiential Event



We delivered a spectacular event with a custom-made show for the leading company in data cloud management, VEEAM Software, during VMworld.


VEEAM showcases their presence at the VMworld fair in Barcelona by taking the legendary party for their employees, customers and partners to a next level. For this, VEEAM selected Inventions as their creative agency to develop and create an impactful experience for their 1800 corporate guests. VEEAM's cloud products and virtual environment solutions were our creative starting points for the show; visualising data-flow and cloud principles in an ecstatic symbiosis of light and sound techniques. The brand message was well wrapped in a complex detailed show and made this party unforgettable.

A custom light and laser show, 5-hours of coordinated projections and video-mapping, top-notch DJ performances, electrifying rock band, choreographed dance shows, high-end catering offer – that is, in a nutshell, what this event was about. Our international team of Project Managers took the time to understand the corporate image of VEEAM and accordingly created a truly immersive and memorable experience.

Amazing show, great entertainment and flawless communication. Iventions totally delivered what they promised!

Manager of Global Events at VEEAM Software


We are the creators of the most experiential party in Barcelona


  • 1800 corporate guests
  • 150 coordinated staff members
  • 2380 sqm of indoor set-up
  • 750 sqm of outdoor set-up
  • 1225 sqm of projected roof surface
  • 3 days of set-up and rehearsals
  • 5-hours show management
  • 32400 flying food pieces


  • project management & planning
  • venue booking & coordination
  • show conceptualisation
  • creation of video-mapping content
  • build & engineering
  • onsite logistics & coordination
  • risk prevention & security
  • venue dressing & decoration
  • creative signage solutions
  • audio-visual production
  • live band concert and DJ set
  • outstanding dance performances
  • international staffing & hostesses
  • tailored gastronomy & open bars

A carefully selected industrial venue that made the projection show even more intense and impactful

Work process

For the first time, VEEAM decided to involve a creative agency to manage this well-known event from the beginning. After considering different venues in Barcelona and selecting the perfect fit, we contrasted the look of the industrial and tunnel-look of this pavilion with a modern design and an innovative show. We created an exclusive social evening within a breathtaking VEEAM branded environment.

After many intensely creative weeks, our Creative Team designed a tailor-made projection show composed of 5 hours of content. We used 6 powerful laser projectors to perfectly blend video imagery and used the curved roof of the pavilion as our canvas. A dual sound system easily combined the DJ set moments with the live band concert. On top of this, we created a custom light show with moving spotlights and central lasers, combined with ambient smoke. In the center of the bar and buffet stations – where 32,400 delicious flying food pieces were served during the event – we built high platforms for our mirror-dressed dancers to perform.

When all 1800 invited guests stare with amazement and record the magical show with their mobiles, you know you did it right.

Pascal Jorritsma, CEO & Founder
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Electrifying live concert

Stunning dance performances


High level hospitality services

Amazement and party ambiance