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UEFA ‘Champions Village’ : sponsor exhibits like Unicredit and MasterCard

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UEFA Champions League Finals Exhibit



We exhibited numerous sponsors during the state-of-the-art Sponsors Hospitality Village for the UEFA Champions League Finals in Munich.


Iventions designed and managed the exhibits for the 15,000 m2, state-of-the-art Sponsors Hospitality Village for the UEFA Champions League Finals in Munich (link to Event). This ‘Champions Village’ hosted around 6,000 VIP guests of different UEFA sponsors. Sponsors included Heineken, Adidas, MasterCard, Ford and UniCredit. This was one of the largest hospitality facilities for an annual sports event in Europe.

We collaborated with individual clients to showcase their brand in an innovative and creative way, within the Champions Village. At the Allianz Arena, we generated good solutions and magical interior builds within close partnership with each individual sponsor. Furthermore, all local German regulations and strict fire-safety restrictions were always honoured. The Champions Village was one of the largest temporary hospitality villages ever made – a parking lot transformed into a complete UEFA community.

[caption id="attachment_900" align="alignleft" width="1024"]Outdoor 3D-Starball lounge, UEFA Champions League Finals, Alianz Arena Outdoor 3D-Starball lounge[/caption]

Thanks to its planning process, transparent cooperation approach and high-profile track, we are convinced that Iventions is a very reliable partner.

Event Operation Manager for TEAM, UEFA’s exclusive agent for marketing
Entrance to Unicredit lounge
Heineken brand design

We created unique settings for more than 6,000 VIP guests


  • 15,000 sqm hospitality village
  • 13,680 sqm tent structures
  • 700 sqm outdoor technical area
  • 400 sqm outdoor storage area
  • 220 sqm outdoor logistic area
  • 6,000 VIP guests
  • 120 persons in build crew
  • 4,600 KVA generator capacity
  • 29,000 meters of power & TV cabling
  • 640 meters of truss systems
  • 62 plasma screens
  • 2,900 sqm of graphic branding


  • Red carpet entrance
  • Reception desk & cloakroom
  • Large common Plaza area
  • Outdoor terrace
  • 3D dome with central bar
  • DJ booth & stage
  • Bespoke entertainment
  • Sponsor pavilions
  • Adidas merchandise booth
  • Luxury toilets
  • Temporary power plant
  • Kitchens
  • Trophy stand & prediction wall

Sponsors included Heineken, Adidas, MasterCard, Ford and UniCredit

Work process

In six weeks’ time, Iventions transformed a parking lot into a fully functioning city, delivering every aspect, from toilets to tech. In addition, each sponsor booth contained their own unique captivating ambiance – for example, for Heineken and MasterCard we designed completely different worlds. Listening to the wishes of the client, we set up experiential and turnkey exhibits focused on the specific brand. We developed graphic elements, bars, interior elements, blow-ups, custom carpets and brought in on-trend furniture. In short, we covered every aspect, from wall division to ceiling.

Working on the biggest sports’ event of the year, we wanted to correspond that significance to the guest experience. As every brand is different and expects quality engagement, we took care in producing tailor made exhibits. In addition, we provided each brand with their personal project manager, speaking the sponsor’s own language and delivering excellent service. Managing this experiential UEFA Champions League Finals Hospitality Village event, Allianz Arena’s Director named us the most pleasant company they have ever worked with.

A client so pleased after such an advanced process: definitely one of the highlights of our existence as a young company.

Pascal Jorritsma, CEO & Founder
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Hospitality lounge for VIP guests