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Euroleague Basketball Final Four : hosting 2,500 VIP's for the fifth consecutive edition

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Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four 2018



We produced the successful fifth edition of the world class Euroleague Final Four hospitality in Belgrade (2018).


For the fifth time in a row, Iventions produced the exclusive hospitality event for the Euroleague Final Four. This year, the spectacular sports’ experience took place in Belgrade. After our successful editions of the Euroleague Final Four in Milan, Madrid, Berlin and Istanbul, we were more than happy to manage this year’s complex operation. As expected, the Stark Arena in Belgrade was completely sold out. Guests are loyal to the event and come back year after year.

We created diverse packages and hospitality programmes for 2,500 guests and hosted 3 different hospitality areas. These categories differ in budget and exclusivity. The Gold VIP (2,200 guests) category included an indoor and outdoor area. The Platinum category (200 people) included an indoor lounge, with exclusive seats on the court side. Then we created The Club package for 100 guests, who enjoyed an indoor lounge and court lounge, watching the game from the Grand Stands behind the basket. This year’s game happened to be spectacularly tense, as the final score between Fenerbahce and Madrid came very close. These luxurious areas are synonyms of an experience and atmosphere that goes beyond Basketball.

[caption id="attachment_1197" align="alignleft" width="5479"] Gold VIP outdoor lounge[/caption]

There is a reason why we work together: we grew with Iventions. Every year they have great proposals, great ideas and the best service.

Business Director of Euroleague
Guests enjoying hospitality areas during game breaks
Top-notch local gastronomy

We brought Euroleague's hospitality services to the next level

3D render of hospitality area of Euroleague Final Four at Stark Arena in Belgrade


  • 4 finalists
  • 2,500 VIP guests
  • 5 consecutive years
  • 3-tired hospitality packages
  • 4,000 sqm of Gold Hospitality area
  • 700 sqm of Club Hospitality area
  • 400 sqm of Platinum Hospitality area
  • 25,000 public tickets sold
  • Broadcasted in 214 countries


  • Project management and planning
  • Space design & hospitality
  • Building and engineering
  • Venue coordination
  • On-site logistic management
  • Hospitality space decoration
  • Risk prevention and security

  • Catering and staffing
  • Accreditation and hostesses
  • Brand positioning sponsors
  • Product placement sponsors
  • VIP courtesy services
  • Bespoke entertainment

The Club guests enjoyed an indoor lounge and court lounge, watching the spectacular game from the Grand Stands just behind the basket

Euroleague Final Four 2018 - empty basketball court during light check

Work process

Iventions has been working for Euroleague Final Four for five years now. We produced all exclusive hospitality services, including the design of packages in various categories: Gold, Platinum and The Club. In Belgrade, we added one major improvement in the form of a huge outdoor Village with tents all around. This outdoor hospitality village included a Sports bar, huge LED live viewing screens and a DJ. Furthermore, we brought in local musicians and live bands for the Platinum guests. Of course, all visitors enjoyed top notch dining.

We know how to bring international service standards to cities outside of the EU, like Belgrade, where the local regulations are a bit multifaceted. Yearly, the Euroleague Final Four challenges us to produce a more inventive and overall better experience. In Belgrade, we provided services for an extra event in the Bank’s club for sponsors. Working with a local supply chain is our big strength, focusing on the appeal as well as the business development of the client. The brand-new design furniture on our location was imported from France. With each Euroleague Final Four, we manage an impressive and especially fun event for every guest.

We managed to rely on a local supply chain, but still importing the latest design furniture from France.

Theresa Baum, Account Director
meet our event architects


Inside hospitality area of Euroleague Final Four at Stark Arena in Belgrade


Client's perspective

Experiencing high level hospitality