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Telelogos at ISE



We designed, constructed and managed Telelogo’s exhibit stand at ISE 2023. The company wanted a sleek, bright and modern stand that showcased their range of innovative software.


We relished the opportunity to resume our relationship with Telelogos to bring their booth to life at ISE 2023.

Telelogos creates software that is used globally, their sofware enhances mobility, information sharing and collaboration among employees, clients and visitors. The key to this booth was to bring that software to the forefront.

Telelogos expertise lies in software that powers digital signage, information synchronisation and equipment management, enabling innovative digital experiences in various settings like airports, logistics centers, offices, hospitals and public spaces worldwide.

ISE is a world leading global exposition for audio visual systems and integration, after many years in previous locations, it now takes place annually in Barcelona.

We were really happy with the booth, your support before and during the show. We received a lot of good feedback from visitors, partners and colleagues.

Marine Landré, Communication and Marketing at Telelogos



The success of this booth hinged on a clear demonstration of Telelogos' software capabilities.


  • 3-day event
  • 43691 unique attendees (90372 visits)
  • 151 countries
  • 834 exhibitors
  • 48000 m2 of exhibition space


  • Stand construction
  • Reusable booth
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Storage facilities
  • Product placement
  • Furniture & custom-built elements
  • Distinct meeting areas

Work process

Our team managed a multifaceted project for Telelogos, encompassing booth design, construction and onsite services. We provided top-tier catering, featuring beverages and snacks for visitors and clients.

Collaboration with Telelogos was key to our success. We combined expertise to construct the booth; our team handled structure while Telelogos integrated its software.

Our design and construction efforts aimed to showcase Telelogos’ software solutions. We crafted custom tables with concealed wiring for a seamless presentation. Attention to detail extended to concealing electrical and internet connections, while ensuring aesthetics didn’t affect functionality. We also incorporated storage components within the design to keep the space sleek and minimalistic.

For the booth’s design, we prioritised reusability, in line with Telelogos’ commitment to corporate responsibility. They adhere to the United Nations’ Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, which is one of the key facets of the companies of the corporate responsibilities.

For the booth’s design, our foremost consideration was reusability, aligning perfectly with Telelogos’ unwavering dedication to corporate responsibility. Telelogos is committed to upholding the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. These principles serve as a cornerstone in the company’s pursuit of corporate responsibility, exemplifying their commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Working with Telelogos once again was an absolute delight. Their receptiveness to suggestions and the collaboration with their team made the experience so enjoyable.

Constanza Chicco, Project Manager
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