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A sustainable approach for The Netherlands Pavilion at Smart City Expo World Congress

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Netherlands Pavilion at Smart City



We designed and built a pavilion to represent The Netherlands at Smart City Expo World Congress 2021, an international event for the rich exchange of ideas about mobility, infrastructure, environment, future governance, and much more.


Smart City Expo World Congress has been held in Barcelona since 2011, conceived as an international platform to energise the conversation about cities and urban innovation. Its aim has always been to generate new perspectives about the future, both for the cities and the citizens, by allowing the free exchange of ideas between world players.

The Netherlands, with their rich artistic, scientific, and mercantile history, required a pavilion for the Smart City Expo that reflected not only a colourful past, but a bright view of the years to come. We focused on an orange tint, the colour that is synonymous with the country itself, and mixed it with the greens of sustainability, an open floor plan, and hanging cubic lights to display visible slogans. By doing so, we created a centrepiece where the national delegation could not only promote urban projects and local companies, but also establish international connections near and far.


We would like to thank Iventions for their excellent communication and quick action. We received an outstanding support onsite!

Director at Netherlands Business Support Office


A fresh and open space that reflects lightness and optimism for a better urban future


  • 3-day event
  • 24,000 in-person attendees
  • 20,000 online attendees
  • 1,000 exhibitors
  • 400 speakers
  • 700 cities
  • 140 countries
  • 120 sqm for the Netherlands pavilion


  • stand design & construction
  • reusable stand
  • storage facilities
  • furniture & custom-built elements
  • reception & hospitality areas
  • product placement
  • graphic design & branding production
  • vertical decorative garden
  • hall services management
  • stand-by 24/7 service

Sustainability is the future of our world; therefore, we designed and produced a reusable stand to represent The Netherlands

Work process

We wanted to create a stand that was not only original, but that could also express the values that The Netherlands holds dear. By going with a clean-cut image, we managed to present a concept that is rooted in the country’s history, but also with clear views to its future, as can be understood by the use of colour and the openness of the floor plan.

The colour palette was important. Orange, which traditionally represents The Netherlands, and the greens of a clean environment. We combined this with carefully calibrated cubic lights that hang from the ceiling, showcasing graphic slogans and messages that can be read from a distance, and comfortable cream-coloured furniture for the presentation area. A vertical garden and potted plants complement the message we were trying to send. Finally, we created a compact, but self-sustained pavilion that is rich both in colour and meaning.

We designed, conceived and produced a re-usable stand in record speed – all of that within a 1-month period.

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