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Cutting-edge stand design for a leading global company at MWC

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Ribbon Communications at MWC



We created a modern, functional, multi-use stand for Ribbon at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. We also provided 24/7 support to service every need of the client throughout the exhibition.


The concept from the client was to create a stand that was open, attractive and functional. Creating a stand that delivers every element of the concept is where our experienced and professional team excel.

Ribbon Communications delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers globally. They help their clients to modernise their networks with their innovative, end-to-end solutions.

Mobile World Congress is the world's largest and most influential connectivity event. The four-day event held at Fira Barcelona, had over 88,500 attendees, 2,400 exhibitors and 202 countries and territories were represented, which highlights the global nature of the event. Attendees were treated to keynote speeches from industry leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands about topics such as: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality applications, Artificial Intelligence and 5G.

We felt supported throughout the entire process, even on-site. Iventions was attentive and responded to our requests promptly.

Events Coordinator & Marketing Communications at Ribbon




Crafting a stand that caught the eye and provided Ribbon with the functionality they required


  • 4-day event
  • 88,500 attendees
  • 202 countries
  • 2,400 exhibitors
  • 120,000+ square metres
  • 1000+ speakers


  • stand design & construction
  • reusable stand
  • storage facilities
  • furniture & custom-built elements
  • reception & hospitality areas
  • stand-by 24/7 service
  • graphic design & branding production

Work process

With a well-defined concept from the client, we were able to concentrate on translating their ideas into reality. The objective was to merge openness, attractiveness, and functionality. For the stand’s construction, we collaborated with our trusted local partners, ensuring that all elements of the build met the highest standards possible.

The stand was designed with an open layout, inviting visitors to approach and engage with the space.  Despite this openness, we strategically created areas within the booth that facilitated private business conversations.

Our aim was to enhance the stand’s visibility, and to achieve this, we accentuated Ribbon’s branding through the incorporation of backlit logos, vibrant gradients and strong lighting. This attention to detail ensured that the Ribbon stand stood out prominently amongst the others at MWC.

Additionally, we provided Ribbon continuous 24-hour support throughout the four-day event, promptly addressing any issues that arose which guaranteed a seamless and trouble-free exhibition experience.

We had many requests during the event, all of which were facilitated promptly, proving that our 24/7 service was flawless.

Francisca Silva, Exhibit Lead Project Manager
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