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A week of unique and truly enchanting Lisbon experiences for NYU School of Law

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NYU School of Law



For the second time, we produced an exclusive local Lisbon programme with top security for the high-profile guests of NYU Law and their Board of Trustees.


Iventions designed and produced the congress of NYU School of Law, the largest University of Law in the United States of America and the oldest in New York City. In addition, we organised a private, tailor-made week-long Lisbon programme for the high-profile guests and their spouses. The attendees were renowned and prestigious individuals in the field of international law, such as the Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which meant that we were responsible for the tightest security.

Our Project Managers created and designed a tailor-made programme to offer the best Lisbon experience to the guests. We set up a wide range of private and exclusive activities throughout the week: private tours of the greatest national monuments, workshops, contemporary activities, Michelin star dining experiences and a grand gala dinner in an 18th century Palace. Iventions offered the highest level hospitality at all times, with private transfers and a focus on the greatest security for the guests.

Conference NYU
Meticulous conference set-up in the hotel

I am thankful for the detailed work that has been done. We ended up on such a high note that everybody is looking forward to the next edition.

Sue Anderson, Director of Stewardship at NYU Law
NYU Dinner
Dinner in a semi-outdoor environment
Decoration NYU
Floral touches

We created and produced a tailor-made week-long programme in Lisbon


  • 1 week of events
  • 24 different venues in Lisbon
  • 120+ guests with high level security
  • 32 local suppliers involved
  • 16 months of project management


  • destination management
  • location scouting and booking
  • venue design and decoration
  • hotel coordination
  • international staffing
  • photography and video
  • top coordinated security
  • shuttle service and pickup
  • custom-designed programme
  • personalised gift design
  • private exclusive events
  • high-class gastronomy

We organised 24 exclusive events within a week-long Lisbon programme for highly important guests

Hedge maze of an event venue in Portugal

Work process

In order to make this Lisbon experience exceptional, our Project Managers have unearthed and selected the most emblematic places, to host the various activities and meals of this tailor-made programme. While working towards this complex operation, Iventions coordinated the group security through embassies, national police forces and international intelligence. We took care to ensure maximum supervision at all times, as the second they stepped on Portuguese ground, our guests were in good hands to enjoy their stay peacefully.

For 24 meticulously selected locations, we managed space management, team management, conference coordination, catering services at the highest level, creative decors in symbiosis with NYU’s image, timed transportation services, breathtaking shows and musicians, specialised guides, personalised gifts, constant accompaniment, as well as photography sessions to give them the best memories. After a splendid gala dinner as a closure of the weekly event, all guests where thrilled and looking forward to the next edition of the NYU conference.

Iventions team - Project Manager - Cristina Solar

High profile guests require seamless organisation and immense flexibility in order to fulfil their every request.

Cristina Solar, Project Manager
meet our event architects

Carefully selected venues for lunch moments

Exclusive dinners all around Lisbon and Sintra


Lisbon palace with French gardens - a venue for events

Creative activities for the spouses programme

3-days conference sessions