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Creating an inventive Hackathon event in Barcelona

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We crafted a 5-day Hackathon event in Barcelona. This event catered to a diverse international audience, offering an exciting and innovative experience for attendees.



In partnership with Brownys Event Productions, we produced an immersive 5-day Hackathon event held in a unique industrial venue nestled in the heart of Poblenou district in Barcelona. The event drew approximately 200 registered participants hailing from all over the world, it was a global convergence of creative minds.

Over the course of five immersive days, participants were invited to delve into a world-class hackathon experience set within an exquisitely crafted environment. Our meticulous attention to detail extended to every aspect, encompassing intricate decorations, a diverse range of leisure offerings, dedicated spaces conducive to work and meetings, and an array of captivating attractions.

The resounding success of this event stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we are honored to have been chosen as Brownys Event Productions' trusted partner for this remarkable endeavor.


It was such a pleasure working with Iventions and your team onsite, you did a fantastic job!

Julien Porter, Senior Event Project Manager at Brownys

Creating an innovative experience, showcasing meticulous event planning, creative design, and exceptional execution


  • 5-day event
  • Approximately 250 attendees per day
  • Worldwide reach
  • For a top reference in the crypto industry worldwide


  • Event planning
  • Venue scouting & booking
  • Creative space design
  • Full event decoration
  • Full contracting of suppliers & live entertainment
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Opening event onsite with special acts
  • Live show paella cooking with one of the top paella chefs of Spain
  • Storage facilities & shipping of items
  • Furniture & custom-built elements
  • Exclusive all-day catering
  • Reception & hospitality areas
  • Staffing
  • Graphics & printing
  • Additional entertainment

Work process

The event’s concept presented a fascinating challenge, demanding an elevated level of creative event design, careful planning, real-time service delivery and impeccable production executed to the most exacting standards.

We created the event concept and brought it to life. Further responsibilities included meticulous venue selection, furniture and decor curation, precise floor plan design, delectable catering arrangements, staffing solutions, cutting-edge AV setups, engaging entertainment and captivating activations.

Finally, we orchestrated the grand finale – the official closing event of the Hackathon – hosted at an exclusive beach club along Barcelona’s picturesque coast, providing a breathtaking backdrop for celebration.

The successful execution of the event exemplified our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to not only work but also revel in a five-day journey of innovation and inspiration.

We are very proud of this event, creating such an outstanding experience for the registered guests to the highest standards was a great challenge, and the fantastic collaboration with Brownys made the event a great success.

Theresa Baum, Account Director
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