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In all EU capitals, we produced indoor and outdoor exhibits for the European Commission

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European Year of Volunteering

Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Helsinki, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Nicosia, Paris, Prague, Riga, Roma, Sofia, Stockholm, Tallin, Valletta, Vienna, Vilnus & Warsaw


We developed a multi-media and multi-purpose pavilion for 27 events taking place in all EU capitals, promoting the European Year of Volunteering.


Iventions conceptualised, developed and managed a multi-media and multi-purpose pavilion for 27 events taking place in all EU capitals. The pavilion was part of a tour initiated by PAU Education on behalf of the European Commission to promote the European Year of Volunteering. We generated more attention towards the theme of volunteering by creating 27 dynamic exhibits, extra social engagement and new dialogue.

In all EU capitals, we produced indoor and outdoor pavilions, including tented structures and a temporary shell. These stands were used to create dialogue and to hold conferences, to create more awareness and to generate a meeting space for parties. Furthermore, our stands inhabited volunteering initiatives and workshops, but also offered a great ambiance for the media campaign around the European Year of Volunteering, showcasing commercials, advertising blocks and social media experiences.

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Multi-purpose pavilion to host the exhibits

We are very pleased with the hard work and excellent results in the logistic planning and organisation of all the venues.

Vicente Hernández Pérez, managing director of PAU Education
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Social engagement and dialogue
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Design furniture

We created a lively experience in 27 EU cities

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  • 27 cities
  • 27 event weeks to connect EU citizens
  • 1 year of travel
  • 20 indoor venues
  • 7 outdoor venues
  • 2 traveling pavilion kits in branded trailers
  • 50,000+ kms
  • 300+ local permits and certifications
  • 8 languages


  • Design, development and coordination
  • Pan-European logistics and planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Construction & decoration
  • Electrics, audio, video, telecom, internet, content
  • Traveling pavilion-kits in branded trailers
  • On-site event management
  • Multi-disciplinary roadshow crew
  • Venue co-ordination
  • Product placement
  • Outdoor environments

We generated more attention towards the theme of volunteering by creating 27 dynamic exhibits

Work process

We developed and produced diverse pavilions for 27 different European countries, setting up stage in all EU capitals. Some exhibits took place indoor, others outdoor. Our strength lies in designing experiences specific to the local interests and trends – what do attendees in Rome enjoy opposed to attendees in Riga? Our 27 exhibits created dialogue and awareness for volunteering.

This project was a huge logistic operation, travelling to all main capital cities within one year’s time. We were responsible for the scouting and selecting of 27 venues, complex processes, respecting local regulations, asking permission for a variety of specific details, all utilities and the set-up of the chosen venues. We created this exhibit to be able to fit into a number of branded trucks, which formed a caravan of EU Year of Volunteering trucks travelling all through Europe. In each city, we then build up and dismantled the exhibit again, producing a unique commercial roadshow in a short period of time.

Iventions team - CEO and founder - Pascal Jorritsma

Our knowledge goes beyond borders – we work with a local team of project managers in each city. What do guests in different cities enjoy experiencing? This is our strength!

Pascal Jorritsma, CEO & Founder
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