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An out-of-the-ordinary booth for Leanplum at Mobile World Congress

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Leanplum at MWC



We developed and built the Leanplum booth for the world’s largest exhibit in the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.


Iventions designed and managed a number of exhibits at the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry: Mobile World Congress. The MWC audience focuses on the mobile industry and features prominent executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners from across the world. This year’s professional congress and exhibition blend took place in Mobile World Capital Barcelona. We conceptualised an out-of-the-ordinary booth for Leanplum, the mobile marketing platform built for engagement.

Leanplum combines multi-channel messaging and in-app solutions, advancing mobile engagement. They work for companies and brands like NBC, Ted and tinder, creating tools, products and services. Other than our MWC stand for RFS, the Leanplum booth needed to centre around human connections. We realised a unique experience, a stand distinguished from the others in both material and authenticity.

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For the second time, Iventions have really been able to take our ideas and concepts and make them come to life. A beautiful and engaging experience.

Head of Marketing at Leanplum
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Network desk to facilitate business
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Homy feel to a corporate stand

We designed unique exhibits for an audience from 250+ countries


  • 107,000+ attendees
  • from 250 countries
  • 2,400 exhibitors
  • 7,700 CEOs present
  • 120,000 square metres
  • 3,500 media & industry analysts
  • 32 sqm for Leanplum booth


  • Stand design & construction
  • Hall services & accreditation
  • Stand-by 24/7 service
  • Design furniture
  • Graphic branding
  • Daily gastronomy
  • Bespoke engaging game
  • Vertical garden

The MWC audience consists in prominent executives representing mobile operators, technology providers, vendors, device manufacturers and content owners from across the world

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Work process

Iventions approached the Leanplum exhibit quite differently. Leanplum, a Silicon Valley brand creating human connections with mobile innovations, required a softer and less corporate ambience. Using natural materials and wood, we created a vertical garden – the only garden present at the Mobile World Congress. This unique piece realised a certain warmth around the booth, representing both human connection and sustainability.

Where other booths went on a clean, white & tech path, we chose and developed a friendly, tangible atmosphere. Where Leanplum excels at online engagement, we focused on making that engagement physical. Bringing on-trend San Francisco culture to the Mobile World Congress, while at the same time, realising more real-life engagement. In addition to the production and building of the stand, we helped them with their social traffic, in terms of video and photography.

Our biggest strength is building a relationship with the client, constructing a mutual feeling of trust.

Pascal Jorritsma, CEO & Founder
meet our event architects

Turnkey exhibition management

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Leanplum at the 2017 edition of MWC