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Complete hospitality production for the European Aquatics Championships

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European Aquatics Championships



We designed and managed the complete hospitality production for the European Aquatics Championships in Berlin. 


Iventions successfully created and commercialised the European Aquatics Championships in Berlin, Germany’s biggest pan-European sports event that year. We did not only design and build exhibition stands for the events’ main sponsors, but also provided creative solutions for meetings and brand positioning throughout the venue. In addition, we designed the well-visited VIP Lounge, with exclusive access for business seat holders.

In the iconic Velodrome building in Berlin, conceived to possibly host the Olympics, we were responsible for the full hospitality production. Each day, more than 600 guests enjoyed the successful combination of international hospitality and top-notch cuisine. After the experience of managing the triumphant UEFA Champion’s League Finals ‘Champions Village’, we created a glorious and effective European Aquatics Championships.

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It was a pleasure to collaborate with such event experts. I really look forward to have the opportunity to work with Iventions again.

Marketing department of FINA
Friendly environments to bring people together
Suitable catering services

7 days of full-blown sports hospitality


  • 4 national swimming federations
  • 7 days
  • 6 official partners and sponsors
  • 193 medals
  • +600 guests


  • Project management and planning
  • Design of hospitality areas and exhibition stands
  • On-site logistic management
  • Venue design and co-ordination
  • Build and engineering
  • Sales of sponsorship and hospitality packages
  • Hospitality space decoration and branding
  • Catering services
  • Commercialisation of VIP services
  • Brand activation
  • Risk prevention and security

Each day, more than 600 guests enjoyed the successful combination of international hospitality and top-notch cuisine

Work process

After the successful edition of the World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona, we organised the full hospitality production of the European Aquatics Championships in the Velodrome in Berlin. We offered various types of exclusive cooperation and commercial opportunities for representing specific brands and products on a national and international level. Besides standard packages, we were able to customise individual packages, matching the brand’s strategy.

Further to this, Iventions created a unique VIP experience and Hospitality Lounge for main sponsor Arena swimwear, which was located in one of the main competition venues. We built various experiences for national federations, set up tailored sponsor stands and unique sponsor exhibits. Our international team offers outstanding hospitality service in diverse languages. Next to this, we excel at thinking locally and work efficiently with a huge network of resident suppliers.

Clients and organisations appreciate our efficiency. We always work with a network of local suppliers and adapt to the local regulations and safety laws.

Pascal Jorritsma, CEO & Founder
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Indoor sports lounge for VIPs



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