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Highly exclusive Barcelona experience for NYU School of Law

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NYU School of Law



We produced an exclusive local Barcelona programme at top security for the high-profile guests of NYU Law and their Board of Trustees.


Iventions planned and organised the congress of NYU School of Law, the largest University of Law in the United States of America and the oldest in New York City. In addition, we organised an exclusive week-long Barcelona programme for the high-profile guests and their spouses. The attendees involved prominent individuals such as Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg and former UK prime minister Gordon Brown, which meant that we were responsible for the tightest security.

The week-long programme consisted of an exclusive local schedule, in which the guests and their spouses discovered the wonders of Barcelona. The best destination management company focuses on outstanding cordiality. Our international team of project managers produced ground-breaking hospitality, concluding in an unbelievable city trip that featured many social elements like garden parties and trips to exclusive wineries.

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Exclusive traditional flamenco show

I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude for the excellent job you and your team provided NYU Law.

Jeannie Forrest, Vice Dean NYU Law
NYU hotel
Cocktail reception at 5-star hotel rooftop
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Private concert of live classical music

We organised 1 week of exclusive events for the most prominent guests


  • 1 week of events

  • 17 different venues in Barcelona

  • 5 security agencies involved
  • highly secured individuals


  • destination management
  • location scouting and booking
  • venue design
  • hotel coordination
  • international staffing
  • photography and video
  • top coordinated security
  • shuttle service and airport pickup
  • concierge service

  • flawless accreditation
  • custom spouses programme
  • personalised gift design
  • private exclusive events
  • private tour in Sagrada Familia
  • gala dinner Barcelona
  • garden party
  • rooftop cocktails
  • high-class gastronomy

We organised an exclusive week-long Barcelona programme for the highest profiled guests and their spouses

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Work process

While working on the production of this complex operation, Iventions coordinated security through different national and international police forces, embassies and intelligence services. As many guests arrived by private jet, we organised shuttle services throughout the city. We produced an exclusive week for the high-level attendees and their spouses. The week-long programme focused on exploring the sights of Barcelona: our guests went on chocolatery workshops, private shopping trips at selected venues and private winery tours, while sleeping in five-star hotels in the city centre.

For 17 different iconic locations we executed the venue management, as well as scouting and checking hotel rooms, including the exchange of personalised gifts. Our high-profile attractions of choice featured the Opera House, the Gaudí House, Music Palace and even a private tour of the Sagrada Familia, which is near impossible to arrange. Furthermore, we provided the attendees a gala dinner, garden party, rooftop cocktails and organised photography and video sessions to take their memories to the next level. All coordinated in complex collaboration with multiple international security services.

Iventions team - Project Manager - Jessica Gallardo

Security wise, this is the safest event we’ve ever coordinated – everything was kept under watch with tremendous vigour.

Jessica Gallardo, Project Manager
meet our event architects



Exclusive tour at Sagrada Familia



Top-notch gastronomy services


Venue set-up and decoration for a prestigious gala dinner
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