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Exclusive Barcelona congress for NYU School of Law

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NYU School of Law



We produced a 4-day-long congress and an exclusive local Barcelona programme at top security for the high-profile guests of NYU Law and their Board of Trustees. 


Iventions planned and organised the congress of NYU School of Law, the largest University of Law in the United States of America and the oldest in New York City. Globally, NYU Law is deemed to be the leading institution in teaching international law. The list of notable alumni includes many high-profile names, such as Republic of China president Ma Ying-Jeou, former New York City mayors Fiorello La Guardia, Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani and Nobel Peace Prize laureates Elihu Root and Mohamed ElBaradei.

Iventions worked with the NYU Law Board of Trustees, which includes three judges of the United States Supreme Court. As the attendees involved high-profile individuals such as Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg and former UK prime minister Gordon Brown, we were responsible for the organisation and regulation of security on the highest level. The 4-day-long programme combined a well-managed congress and an exclusive local schedule, in which the guests and their spouses discovered the wonders of Barcelona.

International law congress management

The Iventions crew was attentive, innovative, professional and adaptable to our changing needs.

Jeannie Forrest, Vice Dean NYU Law
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Delicate confectionery for breakfast
Welcoming spaces to create network

We organised top security for 4 days of guests at the highest level


  • 4-day congress
  • 1 week of events
  • 50+ highly secured individuals
  • 17 different venues in Barcelona
  • #1 safest event organised


  • Project management and planning
  • Congress production
  • Location scouting and booking
  • Conference venue coordination
  • Hotel co-ordination
  • International staffing
  • Shuttle service and airport pickup
  • Flawless accreditation
  • Concierge service
  • High-class gastronomy
  • Spouses programme
  • Private exclusive events
  • Top coordinated security
  • Personal gift exchange

Globally, NYU Law is deemed to be the leading institution in teaching international law

conference congress venue Barcelona
Conference & congress venue Barcelona

Work process

Working on the production of this complex operation, Iventions coordinated security through different national and international police forces, embassies and intelligence services. As many guests arrived by private jet, we organised shuttle services and secured planning. The programme combined a 4-day congress and an exclusive local schedule focused on exploring the sights of Barcelona. The congress venue was the Hospital de Sant Pau, a complex built between 1901 and 1930 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We know how to choose a conference venue in Europe. The former hospital, awarded St. George’s Cross, now houses an art school and the National Library of Catalonia. It demonstrates the importance of the heritage and culture of the city of Barcelona. Furthermore, the location highlights the significance of modernism and innovation built upon a historical platform, as does Law in general.

In addition to the production of the congress, we executed an exclusive partner programme for the spouses of the attendees. We arranged shuttle services and focused on visiting high-profile attractions, like the Opera House, Music Palace and even the Sagrada Familia, where the attendees had a private tour. Venue management included 17 different locations. At a height of 10,000 annual events, we can proudly say that NYU Law and their Board of Trustees called this congress the grandest and Iventions their corporate event management company of choice.

Iventions team - Project Manager - Jessica Gallardo

Security wise, this is the safest event we’ve ever coordinated – everything was kept under watch with tremendous vigour.

Jessica Gallardo, Project Manager
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Historical conference venue coordination